Daifuku Mochi Dessert [Dessert 2]

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2.5 hrs

up to

6 ppl


About the class

Mochi (sticky rice cake) and Anko (sweet red beans paste) are the most essential elements of Japanese confectionary. In this class you will learn how to make Anko paste from scratch and Gyuhi, a softer variety of Mochi.  These are assembled to Daifuku Mochi using seasonal fresh fruits.  This class will be perfect for those who are interested in authentic Japanese desserts, as well as for Japanese food lovers who like to have homemade Mochi desserts without flying to Japan.

It's designed to be a combination of tasting and hands-on session, catering an intimate group of up to 6 guests. The class cost of $360 covers any size of group from 1 to 4 guests. 5th and 6th guests will be charged additional $90 each. You will taste all the food you prepared as the class proceeds with complimentary traditional Matcha green tea. Detailed recipes will be provided.

What you will learn ;

  • How to cook Anko : Azuki red beans sweet paste

  • How to make Gyuhi: soft mochi

  • How to assemble Daifuku Mochi

  • How to store/reuse Azuki red beans paste