About Chika's
Japanese Home Cooking

Chika's Japanese Home Cooking is a culinary workshop aimed at sharing knowledge of authentic Japanese "Mum's & Grannie's" home cooking using seasonal Australian produce.

Courses are designed for you to take home secrets to create simple and authentic dishes, whether choosing from our group private classes or three-week master courses. Each on-site class caters for an intimate group of up to 6 people. All classes are designed to be fully hands-on, evoking the feeling of joining a friend's dinner party or cooking at your mum's.  We create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Unlike common demonstrational cooking classes, ours focus on an honest and simple method of the Japanese cook for you to experience and replicate at home with your loved ones.

Japanese "Mum's & Grannie's"
home cooking using
seasonal Australian produce

Who is Chika ?

Hi, I'm Chika Iwami and the founder of chika's Japanese Home Cooking. I was born and raised in Hyogo, Japan. Since 2006 I've been calling Melbourne my home.

Many of my recipes were handed down from my mother. She is a great cook and such an inspiring woman who taught us not only the recipes, but about the philosophy of cooking and food throughout our childhood; eat locally in season, be curious of new ingredients and methods, use every possible piece of the ingredient, share it with people..

My two home countries, Japan and Australia, have ignited my passion to cook local produce with my honest Japanese home cooking style, to share my experience with all food lovers and to continue to explore my knowledge of food. I hope you will enjoy the experience too!