Japanese Rice 101

Gohan : Rice is truly a soul food for Japanese people and is one of the most essential ingredients alongside Dashi stock. Cooking rice may sound like such a simple task, however it makes a significant difference when prepared properly. This class will be a perfect first step to open the door to Japanese cuisine for those who are new to cooking as well as to Japanese food lovers who are not sure where to begin.


Class Duration : 2.5 - 3 hours


Time / Date :


What you will learn;

  • How to prepare and cook perfect rice without a rice-cooker
  • Rice varieties : White / Brown / Long / Medium / Aussie / Japanese etc.
  • How to make Onigiri : rice balls and Onigiri fillings
  • How to store/reheat cooked rice
  • Leftover rice recipes and ideas
  • History and modern culture of rice in Japanese society


The class is designed to be fully hands-on, catering an intimate group of up to 6 people. The course covers the various traditional cooking techniques and introduction of unique ingredients followed by a sit down meal of the prepared food and complementary miso soup of the day. Detailed recipes will be provided.



  • Onigiri : Rice balls
  • Filling 1 - Tuna Mayo or Sesame Wakame : Seaweed (Vegetarian Opt)
  • Filling 2 - Miso Negi : Leek Miso paste
  • Filling 3 - Umeboshi : Cured sour plum
  • Zosui : Dashi congee
  • Miso soup of the day

Japanese Rice 101

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