Vegie Teishoku-set Master Course

This course is a six-week course (6 classes) for beginner and intermediate cooks to master Japanese Vegetarian full course meals. At the end of the 6 weeks you will be able to host a Japanese dinner party with knowledge of Japanese culture & history.

The course will start with 2 classes scoping the essential Japanese basics of rice and dashi stock, followed by 4 classes focusing on a Vegetarian main dish and two side dishes by Teishoku-set style at each class. All classes are designed to be fully hands-on, catering an intimate group of up to 6 people. The course covers the various traditional cooking techniques, introduction of unique ingredients and table presentation tips followed by a sit down meal of the prepared food. Detailed recipes will be provided.


* Vegetarian Stock (Kombu & Shiitake Mushroom) to be used for this course


Class Duration : 2.5-3 hours


Class 1 : TBC

Japanese Rice 101 (Class details)

  • Onigiri : Rice balls
  • Filling 1 - Umeboshi : Cured sour plum
  • Filling 2 -  Miso Negi : Leek Miso paste
  • Filling 3 - Sesame Wakame
  • Zosui : Dashi congee
  • Miso soup of the day


Class 2 : TBC

Dashi Stock 101 (Class details)

  • Miso Soup
  • Osumashi
  • Chawan Mushi
  • Rice ball of the day


Class 3 : TBC

  • Nasu no Lemon Miso Itame : Shallow-fried eggplant with Lemon and Miso sauce
  • Shiraae : Carrot and mustard spinach with smashed Tofu and sesame seed paste
  • Shishitou no Okaka Ae : Pan-grilled pepper with Bonito flakes
  • Miso soup of the day
  • Rice

Class 4 : TBC

  • Agedashi Tofu : Deep-fried Tofu with mushrooms dashi gravy
  • Tamago Yaki : Rolled egg omelette
  • Goma Ae : Blanched beans with sesame seeds paste
  • Miso soup of the day
  • Rice


Class 5 : TBC

  • Fried Vege Gyoza : Pan-fried Vegetarian dumplings
  • Hakusai no Nimono : Slow cooked Chinese cabbage and bean curd in Dashi stock
  • Pickled vegetable
  • Miso soup of the day
  • Rice

Class 6 : TBC

  • Ganmodoki : Stewed homemade Tofu cake in dashi stock
  • Kimpira : Stir fried carrot with sweet soy sauce
  • Yaki Nasu : Grilled eggplant with Yuzu sauce
  • Miso soup of the day
  • Rice

Vegie Teishoku-set Master Course

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